50 Shades of Hidden - Diving deep into code injection - SANS DFIR WEBCASTby Jake Williams via SANS Digital Forensics

The technological prowess of attackers has increased dramatically over the last several years. Gone are the days when you could hope to discover malware.exe running in the process list. Attackers are migrating to code injection as a method to remain hidden from prying eyes examining process list entries.

Sure, we’ve all heard the term code injection or DLL injection, but what does it really mean? How does it really work? Hint: it isn’t magic. However, many explanations are bereft, with hand waving and pressing the “I believe” button. In this webcast, we’ll talk about how code injection really works at a more technical level. We’ll take a quick look at some malware that’s performing code injection and discuss detection strategies for when your antivirus fails to detect it. Code injection is a huge topic and we can’t cover every aspect in an hour, but the goal is for you to walk away understanding the basics of what’s happening under the hood so you can speak intelligently to the topic.

Published 05 March 2015