Whats New in REMnux v4 for Malware Analysis? - SANS DFIR Webcastby Lenny Zeltser via SANS Digital Forensics

REMnux is a lightweight Linux distribution for assisting malware analysts with reverse-engineering malicious software. Release 4 of this popular distro came out in April 2013. It incorporates several new tools useful for analyzing malware in this Ubuntu-based environment. Lenny Zeltser, who teaches the course FOR610: Reverse-Engineering Malware at SANS and maintains REMnux explains what’s new in this release of the toolkit.

Lenny covers topics such as: • Installing the REMnux virtual appliance using the OVF/OVA file, designed for improved compatibility with many virtualization tools, including VMware and VirtualBox. • Nuanced differences between the updated and older versions of tools installed on REMnux, including Volatility, Firebug and Origami. • New utilities for dealing with XOR-based obfuscation commonly employed by malware authors. • New tools for statically examining Windows PE files, such as pev, ExeScan and autorule other newly-added utilities for malware analysis, including hack-functions and ProcDot

Published 26 February 2015