VB2014 paper: We know it before you do: predicting malicious domainsby Wei Xu (Palo Alto Networks, Inc., USA), Kyle Sanders (Palo Alto Networks, Inc., USA), Yanxin Zhang (Palo Alto Networks, Inc., USA)

From distributing malware to hosting command and control servers and traffic distribution, malicious domains are essential to the success of nearly all popular attack vectors. Much effort has been put into building reputation-based malicious domain blacklists. However, in order to evade detection and blocking by the domain reputation systems, many malicious domains are now only used for a very short period of time - a malicious domain has already served most of its purpose by the time its content is detected and the domain is blocked. In their VB2014 paper, Wei Xu, Kyle Sanders and Yanxin Zhang propose a system for predicting the domains that are most likely to be used (or are about to be used) as malicious domains.

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Published 12 February 2015