Introducing Malware Research Instituteby Michael Boman

After last summer’s catastrophic hardware malfunction, where I lost my whole malware collection and a lot of computing resources, I have been working on a new workflows and infrastructure that is less dependent on what I can fit in my very limited server space and available physical hardware. That being said, the amount of hardware I now have and is planning to acquire is a lot more than previous.

To make this work I have now incorporated my hobby as a business and the goal is to make it a successful one, while keeping the original idea of providing the tools, techniques and methods for malware analysis available for anyone who wants to learn.

To mark this change I have created a new home for the malware research at Malware Research Institute where you can continue reading about malware research tools, techniques and methods. I hope that it will continue to be a valuable resource for you.

Published 29 January 2015